How To Play Db Piano Chord

The Db piano chord is a major chord and made up of the notes Db, F, and Ab. This chord is pretty uncommon however, many gospel players do like to play in the key of Db making it a more common chord in that style.

Here, you'll find the following information on the Db chord:

  • Db piano chord notes
  • video on how to play Db and where
  • finger positions for Db chord
  • how to play Db/F and Db/Ab
  • Db piano chord inversions
  • and some chord theory for Db major

Db Piano Chord Notes

The notes of the Db piano chord are Db, F and Ab. 

If you look image below, you'll see the Db key is the left of the group of two black notes. Ab is the middle of the group of 3 black notes. 

Db Piano Chord Notes

One easy way to remember this chord is by the "black, white, black" pattern. Db is a black key, F is a white key and Ab is a black key. You'll find this pattern with a few chords starting on a flat - Ab, Eb and Db are the major chords with this pattern.

Db is a major chord which is why you see it written as just the letter with the flat sign. Anything that follows the flat will indicate a different type of chord. For example, Dbm or Db7. 

How To Play Db Chord On Piano

This short video will show you how to play the Db chord. You can see the notes and where they are played on the piano keys as well as which fingers to use. 

Db Chord Piano Finger Positions

When you are first learning to play the Db piano chord, I recommend starting with the standard chord fingering or finger positions. That is using fingers 1, 3, and 5 in your right hand and left hand to play the chord. That's your thumb, middle finger and pinkie. 

Db Piano Chord Finger Positions

After a while, you will use different fingers to play this chord. It will depend on what else you are playing before this chord, but the learning the chord is with the standard fingers positions is a great way to start. 

Db/F Piano Chord

When you see Db/F, it means to play F as the lowest note in your left hand while playing the other notes of the Db chord above that. 

Any letter or note name that comes after the slash indicates that it is the bass note. Usually Db would be your lowest note but in the case of Db/F, F is the bass note.

Db/Ab Piano Chord

Db/Ab is another slash chord and this one indicates that Ab, the note that comes after the slash, should be your bass note. This means Ab is the lowest note you play in your left hand and the rest of the notes of the Db chord come above that (in either hand). 

Db Major Chord Inversions

Db is a major chord and so it's a great one to learn the inversions of. If you haven't heard much about inversions before, basically they are standard positions you play chords in. It's very helpful for muscle memory. 

Db and C# major inversions are exactly the same but sometimes it's easier to think in the key of Db as there are less flats to remember in Db than there are sharps in C#. 

Db Piano Chord Inversions

The Db piano chord inversions are:

Root position: Db F Ab

1st Inversion: F  Ab  Db

2nd Inversion: Ab  Db  F

Chord Theory for D Flat Major Chord

The key signature of Db is 5 flats - Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb. These are the 5 black notes on the piano keyboard. The Db chord is made up of the first, third and fifth notes of the D flat major scale (see below) - Db, F and Ab.


You'll find the Db chord in the key of Db and also Ab and Gb.

If you need more help understanding key signatures, visit the key signatures page.

If you need to look up more chords, visit the Piano Chord Charts page or download your own copy below.

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