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Thanks for coming and taking a peek inside the Piano Chord Chart Book!

After years of posting and publishing cheat sheets on chords, I decided to buckle down and create a complete Piano Chord Chart book with all the components - chords on keys, chords by letter name and chords written in music. 

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What's In the Piano Chord Chart Book

The piano chord chart book is broken into 3 main sections:

1. Chords by Letter Name

Here you'll find all the chords listed by letter name all together. So you can see all the chords that start with C, D, Eb, etc. 

This will help you to quickly look up and see the notes of a chord and what the differences are between the Cm and Cm7 for example. Or a Asus and Asus7. 

It's large print so easy to look up and see. 

2. Chords by Type

The second section of the book lists all the chords by their type or chord family. For example, all major chords, all minor chords, etc. 

This is especially useful when learning a new type of chord family.  

3. Chords by Key Signature

The third part of the book lists of the piano chords by key signature. This is really beneficial when you want to play in a specific key, develop your own chord progressions, play a melody, improvise and just have fun playing around and experimenting. 

You can take a basic I IV V VI chord progression and then look at the additional chords and try adding them in. Or make a chord more complex and interesting by changing out a basic major or minor chord for a M7 or m7 (respectively) or something else.

You can also use this to take what you have learned in terms of basic chords and expand on it by adding a more difficult or complex chord in it's place. 

Buy The Piano Chord Chart Book on Amazon here.

Piano Chord Chart Book

Chord Types Included in Book

All the main chord types are included in this book and they are the following:

  • major
  • minor
  • suspended (4, sus4, sus)
  • 6th
  • second (2)
  • seventh (7)
  • major seventh (M7, maj7)
  • minor seventh (m7)
  • suspended seventh (sus7)
  • diminished (dim)
  • augmented (aug)
  • diminished seventh (dim7)
  • ninth chords (9)
  • add nine chords (add9)

Not included:

Eleventh chords and any chords with specific notes like no3, no5, +5, b7. 

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