Jazz Piano Lessons

Interested in learning jazz? There are some great jazz piano lessons. Jazz is not simple. It takes some structure to learn. There are some good free lessons online but the trick is learning in the right order. 

Here are some of the good video jazz lessons. (Not for complete beginners - try to learn chords and the notes of the piano keyboard first.)

Jazz Piano Lesson Playlist

This is the first lesson in a series on jazz piano lessons - all free on Youtube. While this is the first lesson in this series, if you're new to chords or new to piano, this lesson may not be the right fit. 

Your first steps to learning jazz are learning the keys of the piano, major chords, minor chords and seventh chords, and then branching out into jazz. Key signatures is another thing you really need to have a handle on. 

If you feel you've got most of the basics covered, this is where you can start next. 

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Jazz Piano Lesson - Improv

Improv is a key element of jazz. Here are a few great lessons on improv and how to incorporate it into you playing.

This lesson below helps with your daily practice and how to incorporate it to get better at improv. 

Essential Jazz Theory Piano Lesson

Finally, this lesson goes through some key theory concepts to understand in order to play jazz well. 

There are many more videos. You can search below to find others that suit your level. Also, check out the page on jazz chords.

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