Free Piano Lessons

Interested in learning piano? There’s lots of information out there but it can be difficult to work out what you need to learn and in what order. 

I’ve got a curated list of free piano lessons for you. What they are basically is pages on this website put in order of learning for you. 

This will save you time in searching what to do next and will also make sure you don’t miss important steps that a piano teacher (like me!) would be teaching you in person.

Free Piano Lessons

Many of the lessons are in video.

These lessons will include:

  • The very first piano lesson you should take
  • The keys on the piano
  • How to play a piano scale
  • How to read music
  • Learning about chords (my favourite thing!)
  • Key signatures
  • More on scales including chords titles and how to play them

You will get a new free piano lesson in your inbox every few days to get you started on this exciting new journey of playing the piano!

There are 10 free lessons altogether in 7 modules. Most are video lessons. 

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