Looking for Easy Piano Lessons?

Learning to play the piano can have a steep learning curve.

There are some easy piano lessons however that you can take. It will cut down on the difficult aspects. You will end up playing sooner and without all of the technicalities.

Guide To Easy Piano Lessons

If you want to play classical music I wouldn't recommend easy piano lessons.

There's a lot that goes into playing classically and you may miss some of that. 

I would also not recommend learning off free information.

When people (including myself) write free piano lessons we pack all of the information you might need in there. We want to make it complete but it's not the easiest way to learn.

The Easiest Way To Start Learning Piano

Easy Piano Lessons: Piano CHords

If you want to play songs and get playing quickly, the best way to start learning is to learn piano chords. 

When you start with piano chords, you learn the notes of the piano and you learn to play groups of those notes together. Then you create music within this framework. 

What you don't need to learn here is how to read music. You can and you can also learn chords first and reading music afterwards. Doing it this way means you'll already be able to play piano and will be able to add onto what you play. 

When you learn it all at once, it can take a couple of years to really get going. 

You can learn to play piano chords in as little as 30 hours. 

If this is something you'd like to learn more about, click the banner below to get the chord cheat sheet and this will lead you into an email series that teaches you about chords. 

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    Or check out my popular chords course by clicking below:

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    Resources on chords on this website (for beginners):

    Another Series of Easy Piano Lessons

    There is one piano course that is quick and popular called Piano For All.

    It takes you from beginner to intermediate quite quickly

    You will learn using rhythmic piano styles similar to artists like Coldplay and Billy Joel.

    You'll also learn chords, jazz and playing by ear

    I always tell my students that music is full of patterns. If you can learn to recognize these patterns, it becomes much easier to learn, read and understand.

    Patterns can be easy to pick up and that's why it's possible to learn quickly. 

    ==> Check out Piano For All here.

    What About A Teacher?

    Piano teachers aren't geared towards teaching an easy way. They use the books that are available. These books teach everything and aren't usually what you'd call an easy (or quick) approach. 

    Probably most pianist think learning piano should be a little difficult and take years of practice and discipline. But don't worry. There are easy and quick ways to learn. 

    Easy Piano Lessons Are Not Traditional Piano Lessons

    There is no one correct way to learn piano but there is a way, built on patterns that doesn't take long. 

    Traditional piano lessons are not "easy" piano lessons because that style teaches all theory, technique and various styles. You learn to read music and play piano from that foundation. 

    Chords are different. You learn to play notes and create groups of notes (chords) and play from this foundation.

    This removes the barrier of reading music which can get in the way of doing the playing on the piano. 

    With chords you can also play the background parts of songs and make it sound how you want. You can also write music easily with chords. After a while, you can add melodies to the chords you're playing. 

    Go and grab the Free Chord Cheatsheet to learn more about chords. 

    I do teach traditional piano lessons but I really place an emphasis on chords here online as many teachers don't teach this and it's a great way to play piano. (It's the main way I play these days and studied classically for years.)

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    Ultimate Chord Cheat Sheet

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