Piano Quizzes - Test Your Piano Knowledge!

We have been busy creating a variety of piano quizzes for you to check or test your knowledge on a variety of piano related subjects like piano notes, piano keys, notes of piano chords, sharps and flats and more!

Take a look at the list below and get ready to test yourself!

Find The Piano Keys 

This educational quiz will test your knowledge of the piano key. If you want are a beginner, this is a great place to start. 

Go to the Piano Keys Quiz

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Rhythm Educational Games

Try these sequenced music rythem games and quizzes to help learn music in 4/4 time.

Educational Sharps and Flats Quiz

After you know your piano notes, the next place to go is to make sure you know your sharps and flats. 

Check your sharps and flats knowledge on the piano keys here. 

Time Signatures Games

Knowing and understanding your time signatures is an important foundation to learning music. 

Check your knowledge on time signatures with the Time Signature Games

Ledger Lines Quiz

Ledger lines - the notes off of the staff - do take some memorization. You can test yourself with the ledger lines quiz. Note, this one is not easy and we've put some tricky ones in there. 

Piano Ledger Lines Quiz

Major Chords Quiz

This quiz contains major chords and let's you test yourself to see if you know which notes go in specific major chords. 

Go to the Major Chords Quiz.

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Minor Chords Quiz

Minor chords are another fundamental chord and a great type to have memorized. Check if you know which notes go in which minor chord with the quiz.

Minor Chords Quiz

Piano Chords That Start with "C"

This piano chords quiz contains a variety of chords that begin with the letter "C". You can see if you understand the chord formulas and if you can name the notes of the different types of chords. 

Go to Piano Chords Starting with C Quiz

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