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Let's start by learning piano notes in the treble clef. Usually, you play notes with your right hand (RH) in this clef.

Treble ClefTreble Clef

If you can find middle C on the piano, the E on the first line of the treble clef staff, is 2 notes above that. 

The notes in the treble clef are:

Treble Clef Lines

Saying to memorize the lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

To memorize the spaces, remember the word FACE.

treble c to g

Middle C is the first note pictured on the left. Note names alternate line to space as they go up or down.  

Things are similar but slightly different for the bass clef.
The notes and the sayings are different. Bass clef is generally used for the left hand.

Bass ClefBass Clef

Saying for the bass clef - Lines

Great Big Ducks Fly Away

Bass Clef Piano Note Spaces

Saying for the Spaces:

All Cows Eat Grass

bass clef c-f

Middle C is the top note pictured on the left. It is the same note as the middle C in the treble clef above. 

Here's a video for more help:

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Here are some beginning pieces to try:

Piece 1 (use your right hand, the finger numbers are there for you).

treble piano notes practise

Piece 2 (use your left hand, the finger numbers are there for you).

bass clef piano notes practise

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