Beginning Piano Lessons

For anyone beginning piano lessons, the first challenge is knowing where to start. Do you want a teacher? Do you want to learn online? What will you be able to learn and how quickly?

Where to Start

There are a lot of different approaches to take. People have different learning styles and different needs.

Think about what you want. How do you want to learn piano?

What do you need from your piano lessons? Click whichever link best describes the kind of approach you are after.

Just starting and need to get a piano or a keyboard? Check out the Guide to Buying a Piano Keyboard (for learning piano) here.

Basic Beginner Piano Lessons - information about piano lessons for ages 13 and up.

Piano Lessons for Adults - information about lessons with a teacher or online - your best approach.

Online Piano Lessons - interested in learning online? Here are some tips for making a great online piano lesson choice.

Piano Lessons for Kids - tips on the best piano lesson approach for children ages 5-12.

Easy Piano Lessons - worried about the learning curve? Some lessons are easier than others.

A Fast Approach to Piano Lessons - want to start to play quickly? Tips on the best ways to do that.

Learning to Play Piano by Ear - want to be able to just sit down and play something you heard? The best way is to start by learning to play by ear.

Some of these approaches run into each other. For example, I usually recommend lessons for adults that are fast and for beginners.

Starting piano lessons is beginning of a new great adventure! Enjoy!

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