Looking for Adult Piano Lessons?

Adult piano lessons are much different than kids piano lessons. They should be of course. Here are some things to look for when searching for the right adult lessons for you.

Piano lessons for adults should focus on these things: 

  • moving quickly through the introductory material (meaning note names, rhythm concepts, piano keys, beginning scales, etc.)
  • pieces of music that appeal to adults (not children's songs).
  • begin playing piano pieces within the first couple of weeks of          starting.

Piano lessons for adults should have:

  • books and material designed specifically for adults.
  • a section on learning chords (unless you only want to play Classical music).
  • fun factor
  • flexibility - after the first couple beginner lessons you want a well
  • rounded approach so that you can move on to learning the style you want to play.

Online or With A Teacher?

Learning online is really geared only for adults and teens. Any course you find online will be fine for an adult - unless of course it says it's for children.

If you know already you'd like to learn online, check out my page on online piano lessons

Benefits of online lessons:

  •  learn at your own pace, in your own time
  •  much less expensive
  •  material can be excellent and well-rounded
  •  most courses teach chords

Click below to learn more about my online course:

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Benefits of a teacher:

  • feedback - they'll let you know what you're doing right or wrong.
  • dealing with someone face to face
  • you can ask questions directly
  • you may be more motivated to practice when thinking about facing your teacher again next week.

You need to find what suits you the most.

If you want to learn online, my top recommendation for adult piano lessons is called Piano For All. It's a very good beginner course. It is for adults. It's inexpensive, teaches chords and very well-rounded.

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