Beginner Piano Lessons

Looking for beginner piano lessons? Finding the right lessons depends a little bit on you. What do you want to be able to play? Do you want to play classical piano? Do you want to play jazz?

The good thing is that no matter what style you want you generally need to start with the same information

All beginner piano lessons should start by teaching the basics. Whether it's online or with a private teacher. So if you just want to play the piano and get a basic understanding of how to do that you should be fine with whatever you choose.

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The Difference Between Online Courses and Private Piano Lessons 

There is one major difference between online piano lessons and lessons with a teacher. That's feedback. The teacher will you what you are doing right or wrong.

In the beginning of learning to play you may want that. Someone to correct you if you are learning things wrong. 

You also may not want that. You may want to learn to play and be expressive. Be creative without feeling like you must follow every rule exactly.

Learning Online

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There are a number of good piano courses online. I recommend some great ones on the Online Piano Lessons page. You can also start by trying the free trials that a number of sites have. 

You also don't even need to read music to start learning piano. (Read Learn to Play Piano Without Sheet Music here.)

Recommended Piano Lessons Online

Learning With A Teacher

To find a teacher, the best thing to do is ask around. Find someone who can recommend a teacher. The teacher will likely let you know what book you need to buy or will get one for you.

If you are an adult and the teacher wants to get a children's book, stop and look for a new teacher. Adults should be learning from adult books and good teachers know that. They are geared completely differently - and you won't end up playing kiddie songs.

What Can You Learn in One Year of Piano Lessons?

A common question beginners have is how far they will get in one year of practice. Piano is a longer journey and although some things like piano chords are really quick to learn, once you start involving music, it can take a bit longer. 

So to understand this, visit the page: How Good At Piano Will I Be After One Year.

Free Info

On this site you'll find free information on reading notes and piano keys, chords, rhythm, scales, etc. There's lot's of beginner information here. Take a look around and see what you can learn for free.

Overall, beginner piano lessons are what you make of them. If you practice, you will find them a lot of fun. Don't stress if you don't get everything in your first shot. Both your mind and your fingers need some time to adjust and then you'll be on your way. Enjoy!

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