Want To Learn Piano Fast?

There are 2 ways to learn piano fast: 

       1. Practice a lot.

       2. Take an online beginner course and then learn chords.


Practicing makes a HUGE difference in how quickly people learn to play. It can really take years off learning to play. 

For beginners, it's usually recommended that you practice from 10-15 minutes per day. If you double or triple that - say 30-45 minutes per day - you will learn much faster!

An Online Course

To learn to play fast I recommend an online course because they pack in the information. You can move at your own speed. You don't have to wait for your next lesson. Everything is ready for you for when you're ready.

There are some online courses that specialize in getting you to play fast. The one I'd recommend in Learn Piano in 30 Days. It will help you learn the basics quickly and get you playing songs that you like.

When you learn to play piano in the beginning, it's really all about patterns. If you can learn to recognize and play the patterns early, you'll move very quickly into being able to play things.

Why Chords?

Chords are just what I was talking about above. A pattern. Once you learn them, you can play off any lead sheet.

For example, if you want to play U2's "With or Without You," you can look up the chords online. You have the lyrics, possibly the melody line, and the chords. With this you can play and sing (if you want) the song.

With chords you can:

   - create an accompaniment for yourself or somebody else
   - play with a band
   - play at church
   - learn to improvise
   - write your own music
   - play the basics of songs you here on the radio

Of course, if you combine practicing a lot with an online course, you'll really learn piano fast! For more on what other online courses I recommend, check on the online piano lessons page.

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