Grab Your Free Beginner's Guide to Learning Piano Here

If you are just starting to learn piano, it can be difficult to figure out what your first steps should be. 

I've put together a guide for you to take you through the first steps for learning piano. 

This will help you:

  • Start with a solid foundation
  • Know what type of keyboard / piano you should be playing on for learning
  • Learn the very first things you need to learn
  • Help you avoid a few bad habits (maybe even decisions)
  • Work out what direction to take - especially if you are learning on your own

It's completely free. (Yay!) 

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More About The Guide

This guide is for absolute beginners.

It's a PDF that you can download and use over the first few weeks of learning piano. 

It takes you through:

  • Choosing the correct keyboard / piano plus what other little bits of equipment you may need. 
  • Learning the keys (black and white)
  • Your proper piano posture
  • The different types of music you can learn
  • Choosing your focus
  • Playing your first piano chords