Beginner Piano Music: What to Play & Where to Find It

There are two main ways to go about getting beginner piano music. The first is working through a book, the second is picking out pieces you'd like to play (and I have a great resource for this). 

Beginner piano music is pretty wide ranging. You could be an absolute beginner and have never played much on the piano before and are trying to figure out where to start. 

Or you are a beginner who may have learned a bit but are looking for a bit more music to play and practice with. 

We'll cover both below. 

Beginner Piano Books - A Great Resource for Beginner Music

There are 2 different types of piano books of beginner music you can choose and what is best depends on what you want. 

Do you want to learn?

Or do you want to practice and play more?

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Books That Teach You to Play Piano

The first type of beginner piano music you can use is piano books that teach you to play piano and use different beginning pieces for each technique.

This is what is most common and using these books helps you not to get overwhelmed if something is difficult or if you haven't learned it yet.

They have music that progresses from easier to harder, teaching concepts along the way. This is the type of piano book you'd use with a piano teacher and if you are focused on learning rather than just playing or practicing. 

I have stuck to using the Alfred books when teaching piano for years now. The right book for you does depend on your age. You can check out the Beginner Adult Piano Book I like or see all the best piano books for beginners here

Books of Only Beginner Piano Music

Another type of beginner music you can find is books just music set at the beginner level. If you are a real beginner (as in just starting), these books of beginner piano music may be a little challenging. Do them second.

Many piano series have books that accompany the level within certain themes. For example, Alfred's Basic Piano Library Popular Hits has some of the most popular pop songs in beginner music. (This is quite popular with some students.)

When you get a book of this sort, you know that you are certain to have songs all within a certain level. That is the main benefit. And when you have mastered them, you can move on. 

Beginner Music by Subscription

Another option is using an online service like Oktav so access beginner music. Apps and online subscriptions do have a range of beginner music that you can sort through. Sometimes, a lot of variety and great music that's really fun to play.

The only issue with these is that the term "beginner" encompasses a lot. Some beginner music is pretty hard for true beginners but could be perfect for those who have been learning for a bit but still feel like they are in the early stages. 

As long as you're happy with the idea of sorting through and finding the right music for you, this is also a good option. 

Oktav is one of the cooler music subscription programs and you can see my full review of Oktav here

More Digital Sources of Beginner Music

Another of my favourite music resources is the Sheet Music Membership at Virtual Sheet Music. If you want to choose individual pieces to play, it is one of the best and cheapest way to go. 

The membership here is pretty cheap and includes free access to more than 2000 pieces. You can print or download the music you want to play immediately and if you don't like the piece, it's easy to get another one you like better.

They also provide Mp3 and MIDI files so you can hear what it is supposed to sound like. If you don't have a teacher, this is a really great benefit. 

This Is What You Need To Know to Use Beginner Piano Music Books

With the variety of beginner music available, you might be wondering what it is you need to know to play this music. 

For the beginner piano books that you'd use in lessons, it doesn't matter as you'll learn as you go.

But for beginner sheet music, here is what you'll need to understand.

Beginner Music For Adults Vs. Kids


Piano books for adults are different than they are for kids. Generally they go quite a bit faster. I recommend some of my favorites adult books on my adult piano books page.

Here are two good beginner piano music book choices - just music to play. 

Famous & Fun for Adults -- Pop, Bk 1: 11 Piano Arrangements of Popular Hits 

Piano Fun-Pop Hits For Adult Beginners

Also, if you are hoping to improve your piano playing and understanding, I would also recommend a technique or theory book

Free Beginner Music

This is a good list of beginner pieces. They're free too. Some of them are a little challenging for a beginner but you can find what's right for your level. 

Another thing you could also include here is establishing a great piano practice routine to go along with your beginner music. This will help you to create a structure even if your search for music doesn't feel all that structured. 

How About Skipping Music But Learning Piano?

One of the things I really focus on teaching here is piano chords. This is also a great thing to learn and I recommend it for all teen and adult learners. 

You don't need to read music to play chords and it's quite a quick way to get started. You don't need to abandon reading music but this just get you playing songs you love faster. 

To learn more about my course, You Can Play Piano Chords, click here

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    What should a beginner piano player learn first?

    Beginners should focus on learning the keys of the piano and also finger numbers. After that, learning to read basic sheet music, understanding note values, and recognizing the notes on the treble and bass clefs. Practicing basic scales, such as the C Major scale, is also recommended.

    How can I improve my finger strength and dexterity for playing the piano?

    Regular practice is the best way to improve finger strength and dexterity. Simple exercises, such as playing scales or Hanon exercises, can greatly help. Make sure to start slow and gradually increase speed to avoid strain.

    Can I teach myself piano, or do I need a teacher?

    With numerous online resources, books, and software available today, it's possible to teach yourself piano. However, a good teacher can provide valuable feedback, correct bad habits before they become ingrained, and answer questions.

    A teacher is ideal but there is a lot you can learn on your own these days.

    How long will it take for me to play a song on the piano?

    This largely depends on the complexity of the song and your dedication to practice. A simple tune like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" can be learned within a few days or weeks, while more complex pieces will naturally take longer.

    How often should I practice piano?

    Regular, consistent practice is more beneficial than longer, less frequent sessions. Aim to practice a little bit each day, even if it's just for 15-30 minutes.

    I'm having trouble reading sheet music. What can I do to improve?

    Learning to read sheet music takes time and practice. Start by understanding the basics - the grand staff, notes and their values, rests, and key signatures. Use beginner-friendly music pieces to practice your reading skills. Various online tools and apps can also provide additional support.

    Is there a recommended age to start learning piano?

    It's never too late to start learning piano but it can be too early. For young children, it's best to ensure they have the interest and attention span necessary for learning an instrument. And then need to understand the alphabet and numbers before beginning in general. There are always outliers.

    I hope that helps you in your search and happy playing!

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    Free Download:

    Ultimate Chord Cheat Sheet

    Ultimate Chord Cheat Sheet

    Subscribe below and get free access to the (printable) Ultimate Chord Cheat Sheet.

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