Want to Learn Key Signatures Easy?

To learn key signatures easy means approaching things from more of a practical way rather than theoretical. This page will explain key signatures in the way that's needed in order to play them and not worry about all the theory and memorizing. 

If you need to memorize them, check out the memorize key signatures page. If will give you a pretty simple explanation of how to do that.

Why Are There Key Signatures?

This is the first question you need answered in order to learn key signatures easy. Once you know the answer, you can also play by listening and don't need to worry about the key signatures so much.

Music is written with a formula - the key signatures - to help the songs or pieces sound nice (to our ears anyway). Key signatures are basically there to help keep you playing the nice sounds. That's why we need to play black and white notes of the piano.

Playing With Key Signatures

If you know how to play a scale, you know that there's only one that has no sharps or flats. C Major. When you start on G, if you play all white notes it sounds different than if you start on C. When you play in G you need to change F to an F sharp.

One way already to learn key signatures easy is by listening. You can compare other keys to C and try to make them sound the same. This works especially well for scales.

When you are playing music and you see there's a sharp or a flat written at the beginning of a line, that's the key signature. It means that you must play that note sharp or flat through the entire piece of music. If there is a natural sign before it though you don't play it sharp or flat.

In G major, you need to play every F an F sharp. It's the key signaure. In F major, you must play every B a B flat. And so on.

The Easiest Way In The Beginning

The best way to learn key signatures easy is one at a time. Learn by playing. If you are playing a piece of music in D major, go the the key signatures page and look up which sharps you need to play. Then play and get comfortable with that key. If you try to learn all key signatures at once it can be overwhelming.

Need to know more? You can memorize the key signatures or learn more about how they work in general on the main key signatures page.

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