Welcome to Piano Lessons Info!

If you are just starting your search for information about piano lessons then I hope this site is a big help to you. Here you'll find lots of free information about playing the piano. There's information for all levels but most is geared towards beginners.

Don't know where to start? I would recommend one of two places:
   1. Start by learning the notes on the piano
   2. Start by taking the free piano lessons.

There is also lots of information about scales, chords, reading music, learning rhythm, choosing great online lessons, key signatures and lots more. 

If you are an adult or teen and just starting to learn piano, I really recommend taking a look at how to play chords. It's faster and easier once you get the hang of it compared to learning classical music and all that's involved there. 

New! Chord Charts Book Just Released!

Piano Chord Charts Book

Here's my new book full of chord charts. They're listed by key, by chord type and I've gathered together all the different chords you can play within a specific key. 

You can go and check it out here on Amazon

For Piano Teachers

I have put together a few pages of tips and techniques for teaching. Especially teaching beginners and children. Click here to go to the teaching section.

Finally, if you have a question you just can't seem to get answered anywhere else, go to the Piano FAQ and enter it there.

Happy learning and happy playing!

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Beginning Piano Lessons
Beginning piano lessons? Start by choosing the right approach for you.
Beginner Piano Music
Looking for beginner piano music? Find the best places to find it and where to start.
Blues Piano Lessons
Blues piano lessons resources and videos - good for beginners and intermediate piano players.
Easy Piano Lessons
Looking for easy piano lessons? Tips on how to find the best ones that will get you playing quickly and easily.
Free Piano Lessons
Looking for free piano lessons? Here are some great lessons teaching you keys, notes, chords, and more! Check it out!
Gospel Piano Lessons Guide
Looking for some great gospel piano lessons? Check out this article on where to start and which lessons are good.
Jazz Piano Lessons
Looking for jazz piano lessons? Here are some good resources and videos for learning jazz. Check them out!
Chart of Piano Chords
A chart of piano chords - what notes go with which chord.
How To Understand Chord Titles
Understand chord titles and how to play the different types of chords. Learn what the chord symbols mean.
Learning Piano Chords
A step by step approach for learning piano chords. Find out where to start and how to improve your playing of piano chords.
How to Play Piano by Chords
Learning to play piano by chords is a great approach and a fast approach to learning the piano. Here's a list of the steps you need to take to do that.
How to Read Piano Chords
Learn to read piano chords and find out what they mean!
Music Key Signatures
Find out which sharps or flats to play in music key signatures and where they are on the staff.
Piano Music Notes
Learn about the types of notes and their beats, sharps and flats, and how to read piano music notes.
Piano Scales Video Lesson
Learn all the fingerings for major piano scales. Watch the video to see the proper technique for playing a scale.
How To Read Piano Notes
Learn how to read piano notes on the treble clef and bass clef!
Music Rhythm Symbols
An explanation of the music rhythm symbols including notes, rests, and time signatures.
All 12 Major Scales
Find all 12 Major Scales written in the treble clef! All major scales written in music with key signatures and how to make them.
Piano Lessons Online
Tips for choosing the best piano lessons online - costs, practice times, and recommended options.
Piano Notes
Learn about piano notes - what they are and how to read them. Check out the video lessons!
Playing Piano By Ear
Need help playing piano by ear? Check out these tips and techniques for learning how to play by ear.
Online Piano Lessons Review
Reviews and recommendations of the best online piano lessons available. Find out which online lessons are really great and which ones will suit your needs the best.
Teach Children Piano: Best Tips from my Studio
There are ways to teach children piano that make it a joy and easy to get through a lesson. Tips on how to get your lessons to run smoothly.
Piano Keyboard
What's important when buying a piano keyboard? Tips on size, features and brands that are good.
Piano Lessons Info Blog
The blog for piano lessons info - read all the updates and new information and videos for the site!
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Piano Peaceful
Welcome to the home of Piano Peaceful - relaxing piano music for all who need a bit of peace and calm in their day.
About Piano Lessons Info
There's a person behind piano lessons info - me! Find out all about me, this website and my mission here.
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Free Piano Lesson Series
There have been a number of piano lesson series that we've done and they are listed here. Includes: chords, notes and more.
Join the 14 Day Piano Chord Challenge
Join the 14 day piano chord challenge and learn a new chord every day! Perfect for beginners learning to play piano chords.
How To Buy a Piano Keyboard (for Beginners & Online)
Looking to buy a piano keyboard? Here's a guide for what to look for, what you need and your best options.
Beginner Piano Guide
Grab this beginner piano guide to help you to figure out the first steps for learning piano.
Resources for Learning Piano
Here are my top resources for learning piano.
How To Use Piano Pedals (Tutorial on Damper, Sustain & Quiet Pedals)
How to use piano pedals including the damper pedal, sustain pedal and quiet pedal.
Piano Quizzes - Lots of Games & Quizzes to Test Your Piano Learning
Piano quizzes to test your knowledge of things like piano notes, piano keys, chords and more!
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