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Piano Notes Diagram?

On this page, you’ll find a piano notes diagram of:

~ the notes on the piano keyboard
~ the notes of the staff (the lines and spaces)
~ the notes on the piano keyboard going to the notes on the staff

The Keys (This pattern is repeated throughout the entire piano keyboard.)

Piano Keyboard and Notes

The Notes

Grand Staff and Notes

The Keys and The Notes

Piano Notes Diagrams

Notice that the "C" in the treble clef and the "C" in the bass clef are the same note. This is the point where the cross and meet on the Grand Staff.

Want more information? Find out how to read and remember the notes on the read piano notes page. Find information on notes and their beats and some advanced note reading information at piano music notes. 

If you're looking for more than a diagram, there's lot's to learn here. If you are a beginner piano player and you are an adult, I would suggest learning chords. You can find out more about chords on the what are piano chords page. It's the quickest way to learn to play and experiment on the piano.

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Free Piano Notes Games

Try these piano quizzes. There are plenty more, and they are a fun way to learn. 

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