Time Signature Games

Are you ready to test your time signature knowledge with these time signature games? 

We've put a few together to teach and challenge you. These are exercises I do on white boards with my students in person and a great way to cement your understanding. 

Quiz: Top & Bottom Numbers for Time Signatures

Check your understanding of top and bottom numbers with this time signatures game. If you need a reference, visit the time signatures explained page.

We're focusing on what is highlighted in green. Don't forget to click check after you've done your matching up!

3/4 Time Quiz

Now try again with this example in 3/4 time.

Multiple Time Signatures Quiz

Ready for more? Now that you have the basics down, we're going to test your knowledge of multiple time signatures: 2/2 time, 5/4 time, 3/16 time, 5/4 time and 6/8 time.

Fill In the Blank with Time Signatures!

With each time signature, we need the notes in a bar to add up to a certain number - the top number of the time signature. 

Use this quiz to check both your rhythm symbols understanding and your time signature knowledge. 

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