Major Piano Chords Quiz

Welcome to the major piano chords quiz! Here you can test your knowledge of the notes in the major chords and see if you've got them straight. 

Remember, the major chord is built on the first, third and fifth notes of the major scale. 

References (if you need some help):

All Major chords

All Major scales

Piano Chords Quiz

Piano Chord Keys Game
Identify the keys in the chord:
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C # Chord Quiz

The C# Chord Quiz

D Major Piano Chord Quiz

Try this D Major Piano Chord Quiz

Db Major

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Eb Major Chord Quiz

E Major Chord Quiz

F Major Chord Quiz

F # Major

Gb Major Chord Quiz

G Major Chord Quiz

Ab Major Chord Quiz

A Major Chord Quiz

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B Major Chord Quiz

Bb Major Chord Quiz

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