How to Play Bb Piano Chord

The Bb piano chord is a major chord and made up of the 3 notes Bb D and F. While this chord isn't one of the very first chords to learn, it's often the first chord with flats.

B flat major chord can feel awkward to play after playing on all white notes so be sure to look below to recommended fingering for this chord. 

You'll also find:

  • Bb chord notes on piano
  • Bb piano chord chart
  • video on how to play it
  • which fingers to use for Bb major
  • Bb/D chord
  • Bb/F chord
  • Bb chord inversions
  • and some chord theory for B flat major chord

Bb Piano Chord Notes

The notes of the Bb chord are Bb D F. 

Bb is a major chord (more on this below) and has one black note - the Bb - and 2 white notes. This can feel a bit awkward to play in the beginning. 

You can play the full chord in root position (Bb D F) in the left hand or the right hand. 

I usually will play the root note - B flat - in my left hand and the chord (plus melody) in my right hand. I would say this is what you want to aim for but do what works for you now. 

Bb Piano Chord Chart

Here is the Bb chord on the piano keys as well as the treble clef.

B Flat Piano Chord Notes

B flat is the third black key in the group of 3 black keys. 

D is the while note in the middle of the group 2 black keys. 

F is the white note to the left of the group of 3 black keys.

How to Play Bb Major Chord - Video

The video below will show you how to play the Bb major chord in root position. You can also hear how it sounds. 

Bb Piano Chord Finger Positions

The Bb chord is one I often get questions about in terms of which fingers to use. This is one chord where you do need to angle your hand a bit and it feels different than other chords - especially ones on only white notes. 

For the Bb piano chord, still use the standard chord finger positions - fingers 1, 3 and 5. That's your thumb, middle finger and pinkie in either hand. 

Angle your hand so it feels more comfortable, it may not at first, but it'll get better. 

Bb Piano Chord Finger Positions

Bb/D Piano Chord

The Bb/D chord is a slash chord. You play this chord by playing D in your left hand and the rest of the chord notes (Bb and F) above that. 

D needs to be your lowest note here - it's your bass note. Usually Bb is the bass note since it's the root note. In this case, we're going for a slightly different sound and so D is the bass note. 

Bb/F Piano Chord

Bb/F is another type of slash chord. For this one, you play F as the lowest note in your left hand. F is the bass note for the chord. 

If you are playing chords in your left hand only, you will need to play the chord in an inversion (see below) to play either Bb/D or Bb/F since you need to note after the slash to be the lowest note played. 

Bb Piano Chord Inversions

Inversions, chords in different but standard positions, may come in pretty useful for the Bb major chord. You might find some positions feel more comfortable to play. 

Inversions are also really helpful when it comes to adding melody to chords because you can add melody on the top of the chords. 

Bb Piano Chord Inversions

The inversions for Bb major chord are:

Root: Bb D F

1st Inversion: D F Bb

2nd Inversion: F Bb D

Chord Theory For B Flat Major Chord

You can figure out any major chord, like the B flat major chord, from the major scale starting with the same name. 

In this case, we can work out Bb major chord from the Bb major scale. This scale and key has the key signature of Bb and Eb. 

bbScalenotes.jpgB Flat Major Scale

Major chords are built of the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of the major scale. Looking at the picture of the scale above, you can see that those notes are Bb (1), D (3) and F (5).

And that's how you get the Bb major chord. 

If you need more help understanding key signatures, visit the key signatures page. This is the wiki on Bb major as well. 

If you need to look up more chords, visit the Piano Chord Charts page or download your own copy below.

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    Bb Chord FAQ

    What is a Bb piano chord?

    A Bb piano chord, also known as B-flat major, is a major chord for the B-flat note. It's composed of three notes: Bb, D, and F.

    What is the Bb minor chord?

    The Bb minor chord consists of three notes: Bb, Db, and F. It's simply the Bb major chord, but with a Db instead of D.

    Can the Bb chord be used as a substitution for another chord in a song?

    Yes, you can use Bb instead of Bb7 or BbM7. If you're not sure of Bbsus you could use Bb instead but for that one, it may be better to learn the suspended chord.

    What is a Bb7 chord?

    A Bb7, or B-flat dominant 7th chord, includes the notes Bb, D, F, and Ab. The additional Ab makes the chord a seventh chord.
    This is technically in a different key signature than the Bb major chord so best not to substitute with this if you're playing in the key of Bb major. It could work however if you're in Eb major. 

    I'm a beginner. Is the Bb chord a good one to start with?

    While Bb isn't usually one of the first chords beginners learn due to its flats and positioning, it's certainly a good chord to learn early on. You'll find Bb major used in many songs and styles of music.

    Start with simpler chords like C major and G major, and if you're comfortable with those, then move onto chords like Bb.

    Is the Bb chord the same as the A# chord?

    Technically, yes. But, there is actually no "A# major chord". This is because there is no key signature called A#. However, Bb and A# are the same note so if you find an A# chord written somewhere, just play the Bb chord.

    While Bb and A# are technically the same pitch, known as enharmonic equivalents, the name depends on the musical context it is in. In most cases, the chord is referred to as Bb major and that is more likely to be correct. 

    A# major is not very common and some might not consider this a real chord name even (as there is no key called A sharp major).

    What notes are in the Bb major piano chord?

    The Bb major piano chord is made up of three notes: Bb, D, and F.

    How do I play the Bb major chord on the piano?

    To play the Bb Major chord, press down on the Bb, D, and F keys simultaneously. You can do this in the right hand or left hand. Another option is to play Bb in you left hand. 

    To find the notes, use this to help::

    • Bb: The black key to the furthest right in the set of three black keys.
    • D: The white key between the set of two black keys.
    • F: The white key before (to the left of) the set of three black keys.

    These keys can be found in multiple places on the keyboard.

    I'm a beginner. Is the Bb major chord too difficult for me to learn?

    No it’s not but it may feel a bit weird to play if you’re a beginner. The Bb major chord, like any chord, can be mastered with practice. Start slow, identify the notes, and with time, you'll be able to play it smoothly.

    This chord is one of the first chords you’ll learn in keys with flats in them.

    How important is it to learn the Bb major chord?

    Every chord you learn adds to your chord vocabulary and opens up what you’re able to play.. The Bb Major chord is quite common, so learning it will definitely be beneficial. I recommend you learn every major chord.

    What is the difference between Bb Major and Bb Minor?

    The difference lies in the middle note of the chord. While the Bb major chord uses D, the Bb minor chord uses Db (which is the black key immediately to the left of D). This change the sound of the chord.

    Can I use the Bb Major chord to practice chord progressions?

    Absolutely. Practicing chord progressions using the Bb major chord can help improve your chord transition skills and your understanding of harmonic relationships in music.

    Try: F  C  Bb  F as a chord progression. 

    You could also play F Bb Dm C.

    How can I make the Bb Major chord sound fuller?

    While the basic Bb major chord consists of three notes (Bb, D, F), you can duplicate these notes in different octaves, or add other tones that fit within the key signature, for a fuller sound.

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