Piano Chord Training Series


Coming up is a 3 part series all about learning chords.

Chord Training Series

This is delivered by email and for you if:

  • you are just starting to learn piano
  • you want to learn chords
  • you can play chords a little but want to play better
  • don't know anything about chords but wish you did
  • want to learn to play 24 different chords in one week

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  1. Piano Notes Chart

    Nov 20, 23 10:21 PM

    Treble Clef Note Chart
    Find a piano notes chart for treble clef and bass clef notes as well as the different types of notes.

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  2. D Chord on Piano + Diagram, How To & Theory

    Oct 24, 23 12:20 AM

    Learn how to play the D chord on piano with diagram, fingering, D/A, D/F# and a theory explainer.

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  3. Diminished Piano Chords: Chart & How to Make Them

    Oct 09, 23 09:23 PM

    Learn the different diminished piano chords and how to make them. Here you'll find both a diminished chord chart and an explanation.

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