Piano Chords Diagrams

Piano chords diagrams show you what notes of a scale to play together to make a chord. I always start by thinking about the major chord and then change things from there.

If you would like a list of what notes to play for all of the different chords, go to piano chord charts. (You can also download the Ultimate Chord Cheat Sheet featured on the side bar.)

Piano Chord Diagrams

The piano chord diagrams are used to show how to make different types of chords. When you start from a major chordkeep in mind the key signature of that major chord. The key signature will tell you which notes to play and how to lower or raise notes for the other chords.

Note that “b” means to lower the note by one semi-tone. “#” means to raise the note by one semi-tone.

Piano Chords Diagrams:

Piano Chords Diagram

Here’s an example of what to do with the chord diagrams. We’ll use the key of G. It has one sharp – an F#. The notes of the scale are GABCDEF#. G is 1, F# is 7.

Piano Chords Diagram Example
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Piano chord diagrams are basically a formula for finding chords. You can always look up a specific chord you need to know in the chord charts. But if you know key signatures and the chord diagrams, you can make any chord right on the spot!

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