Free Piano Lessons Six

Lesson 9: Understanding Chord Titles

You may have noticed that chords come in 2 parts.
1) The key.
2)The chord symbol.

You learned about key signatures in the last lesson. They are important for you to figure out what notes are in a chord. You have also learned about scales. That will also help you in chords.

Here's the video lesson about understanding chord titles:

Now to practice. First, practice finding these chords:

1. C, Cm, C4, C7, CM7, Cm7, C6.

2. G, Gm, G4, G7, GM7, Gm7, G6.

You can check if you have them right on this page:

Next, find another song that you like. Try and figure out the chords for it. Try playing it.

If you missed checking out the chord course, go to Piano Power Chords.

Next lesson: how to play chords. 

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