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Lesson 7: Chords Part 2

Now it's time to start playing chords. In order to do that, go to
basic piano chords.

After the video, I suggest looking up the chords for a song you like. If you can't find one with easy enough chords, try U2's With or Without You. If the chords are really difficult in the song you chose first, look for an easier one.
(To search, just look up the song title and the word 'chords'.)

Once you get better at transitioning from chord to chord, move on to another song. And then another. It's just a matter of practise now.

Enjoying playing chords? If you'd like to learn more about them, there's a great chord course called Piano Power Chords. It's my top recommendation for learning how to play chords on the piano.

Next lesson: Key Signatures.

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