Free Piano Module 2

In this module, we're focusing on rhythm. 

Lesson 3

Basic Rhythm

In music, some notes are played longer others. To find out how to do this you need to learn about some basic rhythm.

If you're really not sure about what rhythm is, read "What is Musical Rhythm" first. 

Otherwise (or secondly), go to: Basic Rhythm Lesson

Lesson 4

Rhythm Symbols

There's more to rhythm than just the note values. There are also rests - times when you don't play. Time signatures are another component.

Read about the different rhythm symbols (some you already know) first. 

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to more rhythm lessons or click here to go to piano rhythm lessons.

If you'd like to find some music to practice with, this site has some you could try for free.

Next lesson: playing a scale and intro to chords.

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