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Great beginner piano lessons. Start from the basics and move up into learning chords and even jazz. Highly recommended! Check it out for free lessons too.
For those of you who want to learn piano by chords. A great chord course that takes you through learning and playing chords. Make sure to look at the video tour to learn more about it.

Guitar Lessons
Guitar Tricks is the pioneer of online guitar lessons. Their core learning system has everything you need to get started. Thousands of guitar lessons in all styles, techniques, artist studies, and even learn your favorite songs.
Established since 1964, Andertons are Guildford, UK's premier online and offline high street music store. We offer a full range of musical
instruments and accessories ranging from guitars to pro audion.
Andertons Music Co does not differentiate our store customers from our web customers.
Learn how to play your favorite songs on the piano with the biggest index of free piano lesson tutorials and songs, with our unique animated piano.
Importance of Christian music and lyrics for worship.

Dub culture presents knowlegde tips and techniques on producing urban electronic instrumental music to afficiandos worldwide.

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