Online Piano Lessons: 
Reviews and Recommendations

Are you trying to find some great online piano lessons? There are quite a few out there. I've picked through them to find the best ones to recommend.

Here are the ones I would recommend and why.


Rocket Piano      Rating: 5/5

 Quick Review: It's a great piano lessons course that  teaches you how to play piano using notes and  chords.

 For Ages: 8 and up, Adult

Why it's good:
It's a great beginner course but can be used for intermediate players also. It teaches chords, jazz techniques, gospel techniques, improv and music theory (which you need to learn).
It includes 3 good software games. You also get Perfect Pitch Software.
Uses quizzes to provide feedback. (Some online piano lessons don't provide any feedback at all.)
It costs less than 2 traditional private lessons.
All around great online piano lessons.
Very inexpensive.

What it doesn't have:
Direct feedback on your playing.

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Here's a video example of what you'll find:

Nate Bosch's Piano System   Rating: 5/5

Quick Review: An excellent course that teaches you chords or playing by ear or whatever format you choose. This is one that I would actually consider getting because there are things I can learn from it still.

 For Ages: Teens, Adults

Why it's good:
Teaches you to play by ear - you don't have to read music or chords.
An all-round good program.
Fast to learn with this.
For beginners or more experienced players.
Comes on DVD and isn't just software.
Great price - the cost of 3 piano lessons.

What it doesn't have:
A more traditional approach to learn notes.
A leaning toward Classical music.

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Learn Piano in 30 Days                Rating: 4/5

Quick Review: A good online course that helps you get the basics down and start playing songs - even songs you've heard of on the radio.
For Ages: Teen to Adult

Why it's good:
Includes a lot of genres of music and once you've got the basics down, will help you to learn more of what you like.
It's fast. You start to play piano well sooner.
It's a video course.
Shows you the patterns for listening and playing.
Has a free trial.
It's inexpensive.

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Their sales video:

Power Piano Chords      Rating: 3/5

Quick Review: It's an excellent chord course that teaches about all kinds of chords and chord progressions. It is not a complete piano lesson course which is why the lower rating.

For Ages: Teens and Adults

Why it's good:
It's a chord course.
It teaches all the different kinds of chords very thoroughly.
You learn chord progressions.
Excellent price.
39 chord lessons.

What it doesn't have:
How to play and read notes.
Lessons on anything other than chords.

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Piano is Fun   Rating:

Quick Review: It's a good and fun software program for kids that focuses mainly learning to read notes on the keyboard and in music.

For Ages: Kids 4-11

Why it's good:
It's a fun way to learn to read notes and piano keys.
The graphics for kids make it friendly and cute.
The lessons are step-by-step and so don't overwhelm.
You can create custom lessons for weaker areas for the student.
It's software that's easily downloadable.

What it doesn't have:
More than 20 lessons.
Lessons for adults.
Any information on chords.
The ability to work on a Mac.

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I hope you got a good idea of what kind of online piano lessons are out there. Each one has it's specialty. Choose what fits you the best and go out there and learn to play something!

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