Beginner Piano Music:  Where to Find It

Looking for beginner piano music can be difficult or easy - depending on where you look. If you look online, there can be a lot of music to sift through. If you go to a music book store, it can be easier.

Music Stores

Let me start with the book store idea - that's where I would start if looking. It saves on the frustration of searching for the perfect music online.

Going to your local music store will give you a good idea of what kinds of beginner books are out there. If you want to know what books I think are the best for beginners, click here. You should find quite a range at any store. 

There are 2 different areas of books.

        1) Books that teach you to play piano and use different beginning               pieces for each technique, and 

        2) Books of only beginner music. If you are a real beginner,                       these books of beginner piano music may be a little challenging.               Do them second.

Piano books for adults are different than they are for kids. Generally they go a little faster. I recommend some of my favorites adult books on my adult books page.

Also, if you are hoping to improve your piano playing and understanding, I would also recommend a technique or theory book.

Online Music

If you're looking for piano music for beginners online, has a good list of beginner pieces. They're free too. Some of them are a little challenging for a beginner but you can find what's right for your level.

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