Looking for Minor Scales?

Here are all the minor scales and their key signatures. They are written first as a natural minor scale and second as a harmonic minor scale.

The minor scales with sharps in them are first. Keys with flats are second.

A Minor Scale

a minor scale

E Minor Scale

e minor scale

B Minor Scale

b minor scale

F# Minor Scale

f sharp minor scale

C# Minor Scale

c sharp minor scale

G# Minor Scale

g sharp minor scale

D# Minor Scale

d sharp minor scale

A# Minor Scale

a sharp minor scale

Here are the minor scales with flats in their key signatures.

D Minor Scale

d minor scale

G Minor Scale

g minor scale

C Minor Scale

c minor scale

F Minor Scale

f minor scale

Bb Minor Scale

b flat minor scale

Eb Minor Scale

E flat minor scale

Ab Minor Scale

a flat minor scale

Need to check out any more scales? Go to the main piano scales page for major scales, pentatonic scales, scale modes and information about what makes up a scale.

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