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The Purpose of Chord Progressions
December 09, 2019

I hope you’ve had a great week and things are not too busy for you at the moment but I suspect it’s the opposite! I’m finding myself full of things to do and quite a few busy nights.

One of the really cool things here in Australia (rather than Canada where I’m originally from) is that at Christmas time there are “Carols Under the Stars”. There are all these outdoor Christmas events full of music and they’re really quite enjoyable! (Not something we could really do in Canada as we’d freeze!)

Alright, onto piano things!

A number of you sent me some great ideas for what you’d like to learn next and I really appreciate that! It’s not too late as well if you’d like to put your 2 sense in.

I’ve had a few questions about chord progressions.

During the 30 day chord challenge, I often sent chord progressions. One question is why?And another is what are they for?

The chord progressions are there to give you practice in moving from one chord to another. You can play them over and over.

For example: C G am F.

After you finish playing F, you can begin again at C and keep playing that group of chords over and over.

Sometimes there are more difficult chords that don’t appear very often and a great way to get familiar is to practice those. So a chord progression can help with that.

For example, CM7 G2 Am7 FM7.

So one thing you can do this week is play through chord progressions and get comfortable with them.

Next week, I’ll create a video showing how you can take chord progressions to the next level - moving on from basic chords.

Until then, have a great week!


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