Piano Books for Warwick Piano Lessons

Piano Books

If you or your child has taken piano lessons before and would like
to use the piano books you already have, that is fine.

If you don’t have books you'd like to use already, we will be using the Piano Adventures Series or Alfred series of books.

Piano Adventures

Piano adventures can be difficult to find but it's a really great series. It needs to be ordered weeks in advance.

If your child is a beginner, we will use the PIANO ADVENTURES Primer Level Lesson & Theory Book All-in-Two Edition or the Piano Adventures Lesson Book.

For older beginners, we can use the Accelerated Piano Adventures
for the Older Beginner: Lesson Book 1.

Adults can use Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book 1.

Alfred Books

This series has been around for years and if you know anyone who's taken piano before, they may have these books that you can borrow or have.

They are also available in town (or can be ordered quickly). They are easily available in Toowoomba.

For children: Alfred's Basic Piano Course Lesson Book, Bk 1A

For Adults: Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book, Bk 1

I can order these books for you if you'd like. They may take up to 2 weeks to arrive and we'll need them to begin lessons.

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